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Most Holy Trinity School Choir Visits City Hall


On Sept. 26, at the invitation of Councilwoman Sylvia Arenas from District 8, about 20 members of the Most Holy Trinity (MHT) School Choir had the honor of accompanying Father Bob Fambrini, S.J., pastor of Most Holy Trinity Church, to City Hall for the invocation before the San Jose City Council meeting.

Father Bob first led a short prayer to begin the meeting, which was followed by the MHT School Choir’s performance of “Go Out, Go Out,” a song proclaiming that all “tell the Good News” and “praise the Lord.” The choir’s spirited performance brought smiles to the faces of those in attendance for the session.

Councilwoman Arenas spoke about Most Holy Trinity’s role in the community as a place that “serves as a foundation for many families by offering services that go beyond worship.” That foundation is present in the rigorous education and faith formation MHT School boys and girls receive on a daily basis. Both MHT Church and School look forward to working with Councilwoman Arenas in the future. Please visit www.mostholytrinitysj.org for more information about our programs and for an application.