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Augmented Reality at Holy Spirit School


At Holy Spirit School’s annual auction this spring, parents and friends were presented with a challenge to raise funds to match a generous grant for a STEM Lab. Today, the vision of an active and engaging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum is growing and encouraging students in exciting ways.

For example, the second graders recently visited the STEM Lab and one of their stations involved using the Augmented Reality Sand table to study landforms and waterways. Once the hills and valleys were constructed in the sand table, students placed their hands over the features and simulated rainfall, or snowfall depending on the altitude of their mountains. Students watched as the rain created streams creating rivers and rivers flowing into lakes.

On their way back to class, all the children were excitedly chatting about their experiences in the Lab. All except one student, who was visibly upset. When questioned, this second grader said, “I didn’t want to leave. I wasn’t done learning yet.”

Holy Spirit School is grateful to all the STEM Lab donors who continue to help serve the insatiable curiosity of our students.