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After School at Holy Family School


When the bell rings at 3 p.m., Holy Family students pour out of the classroom, excited that it is the end of the school day. Although many students are eager to get home, most students are ecstatic to get to Extended Care.

The Holy Family School Extended Care Program, led by Kati Wenz, is a program that includes homework sessions, group activities, indoor and outdoor play, and holiday celebrations to name a few. As students begin their time at Extended Care they are welcomed with a snack and immediately begin homework. Once homework is completed, the option to have indoor and outdoor play is given. From sports to arts and crafts to creative playtime, the students are always actively engrossed with daily activities.

Students look forward to special celebrations planned by Ms. Kati. For Halloween, she coordinates games, scavenger hunts and spectacular snacks to share. Students also get to experience special hands-on activities such as bubble making and cooking projects.

Whether it is homework or a fun activity, extended care has been a special place to be after school because Mr. Kati, Mrs. Boldonado, Ms. Jackie and Mrs. Amaral create a fun, learning and active environment that continues to keep the students engaged.