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Blessing of Fall Athletes

An athlete cups his hands to receive a blessing from Father Tony Mancuso.

With the anthem of perseverance, “Chariots of Fire,” playing on the school PA system, Saint Francis High School student-athletes and coaches assembled in the quad to receive a blessing as their fall season gets underway.

They were anointed with holy oil, reflecting an old tradition dating to the ancient Olympics. Athletes would rub themselves with oil, which did not come off easily, to symbolize the armor warriors put on for battle.

School chaplain, Father Tony Mancuso, told those in attendance their abilities are gifts from God and when they use their talents to the fullest, they are giving glory and honor to God.

Father Steve Kim reminded students that when their competitions – or plans, projects, relationships – don’t go as they hope, they can use their failures as learning opportunities and starting points to launch something good.

“We can glorify God in the work that we do,” said Father Steve, director of Campus Ministry. “Jesus was crucified – that’s the ultimate failure, but the crucifixion is the cornerstone for the resurrection.”