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An Apple a Day: Saint Martin of Tours Refreshes Tech

Students create movie projects, using iMovie and GarageBand, about helping verbs.

As the old saying goes, “find a need, fill a need.” At Saint Martin of Tours School, the need for a singular technology platform arose over the past several years. After working closely with the administration, staff, and the parent technology advisory committee, the decision to commit to an all Apple device platform was made. This allowed for a multitude of technological improvements to take place across the campus.

The most noticeable change has been the introduction of a 1:1 iPad program in sixth through eighth grades. This program allows students to collaborate on work, hone their skills for high school and beyond, and create innovative projects which demonstrate their learning. iPads can also be found in the TK through fifth grade classrooms, providing students access to adaptive learning applications and creative production apps.

In order to fully integrate the technology into the classroom, AppleTVs were added in all rooms to allow for wireless streaming of content from the devices to SMART boards and projectors.

The shift to all Apple devices brought with it greater management ability in the classroom through the use of the Apple Classroom app. Teachers now have unprecedented ability to guide students to specific sites and applications, ensuring that the iPads are truly learning tools. All teachers received in servicing on proper usage of the iPads and on lesson development to assure that tech is being used to enhance lessons in the best possible way.

Saint Martin of Tours School is striving to strike the perfect balance between screen time and face time with students. With plenty of small group work, hands-on activities, and off-site field trips at the core of the curriculum, Saint Martin of Tours School embraces the belief that tech usage every day doesn’t have to mean tech usage all day.