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Saint Victor and the Dynamic Deacon

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers (center), pictured with Sam Milan and Principal Patricia Wolf, visited Saint Victor School.

“The Church teaches that by freely submitting ourselves to God’s Law and to His loving care and protection we can truly be children of God.” On Sept. 12, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, who is known as the “Dynamic Deacon” ministered to the children of God at Saint Victor School in San Jose. As the guest speaker at the regular Tuesday Morning Assembly, Deacon Harold shared with the students his faith journey. Growing up in Barbados, Deacon Harold was the first baptized Catholic in his family. His family then moved to New Jersey, where he attended Catholic schools.

Later that morning, Deacon Harold assisted at Mass with Reverend Allen Navarro. This first Mass of the year was hosted by the new student council members. Deacon Harold delivered the homily in which he addressed the ways that Jesus speaks to his children. He inspired the students to pray each day and to listen to their teachers and parents. He asked students who would be willing to spend the first five minutes that they are home to pray and give thanks for their day. Many students raised their hands. Then, he told the students that since God gave them the gift of parents, it was their job to listen to their parents and follow their directions. When children listen to their parents, they are listening to Jesus.

Saint Victor students were not the only ones to whom Deacon Harold ministered. The entire Saint Victor community had the opportunity to benefit from Deacon Harold’s visit. For five days, he gave free talks about faith to different parish groups about various topics. The topics ranged from “Understanding Our Life in Christ” to “Preparing Us for Heaven.” Deacon Harold wants everyone to remember that “the Father’s gift to us is to allow us to love as He loves, to allow us to give ourselves to Him fully, completely, and freely, just as Christ poured out his love for us fully, completely, and freely on the Cross.” To learn more about Deacon Harold, visit his website deaconharold.com.