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Saint Francis Students Covering the World in Prayer

Colored doves hung outside the Saint Francis Chapel during the school’s Day of Peace on Sept. 11..

To commemorate the tragedies of 9/11 and to nurture peace worldwide, religion classes and individual students at Saint Francis High School committed themselves to prayer during a Day of Peace, organized by Saint Francis’ Campus Ministry.

Throughout the day, on Monday, Sept. 11, students entered the chapel to light a candle and write a prayer for peace on colorful paper doves, which they then hung in the courtyard outside of the chapel. “At a time when the world is facing so much uncertainty, strife and natural calamities, it is important to set aside a day of prayer to contemplate and pray for peace,” said Mary Ann Ruebusch, lay member of the SFHS Campus Ministry.

“For far too long, world peace has been elusive,” stated Father Tony Mancuso, school chaplain. “In many ways, this is a mark of who we are – we are called to be a Catholic school that embraces all faiths, and we are under the patronage of Saint Francis of Assisi, who is known and revered among so many as a gentle man of peace.”