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Holy Family School’s Little Bears


Some say they are the cutest, yet they are definitely the littlest in our Holy Family School Community; we like to refer to them as our littlest bears because they are our PRESCHOOLERS!

With the change of shirt color from yellow to red, our three – to five-year-old preschoolers definitely stand out. Our school did not feel complete until they arrived, as they began their first day of school after Labor Day.

One-by-one, our preschoolers trickled in with their parents, some eager to run off and play and some hesitant as they were still getting familiar with their new environment. As the goal of preschool is to provide a well- rounded program, our wonderful teachers are able to provide just that with the ample activities planned each day.

The preschool teachers guide the students in their emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development. Students participate in table activities such as play doh, sorting, and finger painting, to name few, which help with problem solving and collaboration. Through various times of the day, they practice their faith through prayer and learn about Jesus. A large part of their weekly engagement includes music, art, a visit to the school library, Physical Education and Occupational Therapy with our occupational therapist on campus.

As little as they are, our Holy Family preschoolers can roar like the big kids. Their enthusiasm is as big as their willingness to learn. We are so glad to have them be part of our community.