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Saint Lucy School Expands Recycling Efforts

Saint Lucy School students participate in recycling efforts.

Saint Lucy Student Council Officers incorporated this year’s school theme of “Respect is Our Superpower” by putting on their superpower capes during morning assembly and presenting a skit about recycling. The council encouraged all students to continue their earth-friendly habits as they use their superpowers to respect planet Earth.

In an effort to expand on earth-friendly efforts, students and faculty at Saint Lucy School have expanded their school-wide recycling and effective energy-use efforts. All classroom and student areas have upgraded collection bins for classroom paper, plastic and glass recycling. New larger collection bins have been placed in dining areas to accommodate the recyclable waste following lunch and after-school activities.

In addition to these upgrades, Saint Lucy School is participating in the Crayola ColorCycle program. Children in K-12 schools in the United States can collect used markers for repurposing. Specially marked collection bins have been placed in every classroom to ensure all used and dried out markers can become part of this program. Instead of being tossed into the garbage and adding to landfills, the used markers are shipped to a conversion facility where they can be transformed into clean burning fuel.

Ecology Coordinator Angie Giacalone added, “I’m excited to be involved in this project because it empowers our students to do their part to help the environment. The hope is they discover the truth in Pope Francis’s words, ‘There is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions.’ ”