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Young Women Attend Discernment Retreat


A group of young women attended a Discernment Retreat at Presentation Center in Los Gatos in late spring. It was sponsored by the Diocese of San Jose and the Serra Club.

The planning group consisted of Sandra Torres, Associate for the Hispanic Apostolate, and Sister Rosalie Pizzo, SNDdeN, Bishop’s Delegate to Religious along with Sisters from eight different Religious Congregations: Sisters Rosheen Glennon CSJ; Sara Postlethwaite VDMF; Guadalupe Lopez OJS; Gisela Enriquez MESST; Marie Annette Burkhart SNDdeN; Lisa Laguna DC and Mary Yun OP.

The presentations were bilingual and centered on how to make life choices based on values that give meaningful direction to one’s life. The emphasis was on God’s initiative and our response to an invitation to the single, married or religious life. The theme “Listening to the Heartbeat of God” was expressed in music, talks, sharing and dance. Gillian Wallace shared her story of how she heard God’s call through many and varied life experiences and had finally been accepted into the initial formation program for the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Sandra Torres shared the joy and commitment of responding to God’s call to the single life. Servando & Kenia Sandoval shared the many steps in the discernment process which led them to respond to the vocation to married life. They emphasized that prayer and hard work are essential elements in living a life of faith. Father Joe Kim celebrated Mass followed by adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.