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Saint Lucy School’s Student Council Super Hero Assembly

Members of the Saint Lucy School Student Council welcome students to the opening of school assembly.

Saint Lucy School’s Student Council began the school year with a super hero themed assembly complete with a super hero trivia game between upper and lower grade teachers and a student lead cheer of this year’s theme “Respect is Our Super Power” for ourselves, our friends, and our community.

The daily morning assembly area was packed with student council officers dressed in lightning bolt t-shirts and super hero capes, as well as students, parents, siblings and teachers who were all excited to greet each other.  The Student Council also welcomed each new Saint Lucy School student with a Saint Lucy backpack keychain before the assembly began.

Parents remained after assembly for a Welcome Back Coffee, hosted by the Parent Advancement Committee while the Parent Teacher Group was busy preparing for the annual Welcome Back Kickoff Dinner.

Throughout the day, Kindergarteners could be found learning about our campus, while students in grades 1-8 reconnected with old friends, learned new classroom procedures and enjoyed the start of a new academic year.