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Love is the Evidence: Campus Ministry at Archbishop Mitty High School


This fall, the school year started with an all school assembly, which served not only as an affirmation of our vibrant community but of our identity as a Catholic college preparatory. Students, teachers, and staff members took time on the first day of school to gather in the Fien Gymnasium at Archbishop Mitty School where Campus Ministry revealed the liturgical theme song for the year.

This year, Campus Ministry selected the song “The Evidence” by Citizen Way. The lyrics explore the idea that faith isn’t about names and causes but about the way we reach out to others with mercy, grace, compassion, and love.

“I need hands that are open, reaching out to broken hearts, ‘cuz that’s the only way this world will ever know who you are,” the lyrics tell us. “Love is the evidence.”

Mitty Director of Campus Ministry Tim Wesmiller introduced the musical selection and talked about the way he sees God in the love and compassion people show one another. Mr. Wesmiller shared the story of a housemate in graduate school who gave witness to his faith by serving others and frequently asked the homeless living near them if they needed anything. Once, he even took the belt off his waist and gave it to a homeless man.
“Love is powerful because everyone has the ability to share it,” Mr. Wesmiller said. “It’s why we were created and how we were built and how we find true meaning and happiness.”

As part of his reflection, Mr. Wesmiller also talked about the importance of expressing love by serving others. Central to the Mr. Wesmiller’s reflection was a reading from the Gospel of John which recounted the story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. Mr. Wesmiller connected the reading with a new statue in the Schott Family Commons that depicts Jesus washing the feet of an indigenous woman and reminds students and faculty to serve those living on the margins of society.

“We encourage you to be aware, appreciate, and celebrate the times when your classmates are ‘washing feet,’ ” Mr. Wesmiller told students. “It may be in a Campus Ministry setting like an immersion trip, retreat, in LIFE Team or Cornerstone, or experiencing the One World Cup for Refugee Foster Youth, but most likely it will happen in unexpected times and places like in Aymar Events Center eating lunch, or on the football field during a practice, or when someone sends a text that builds a classmate up rather than tearing him or her down. Look for it. Look for people ‘washing each others’ feet.’ ”

To learn more about Campus Ministry and some of the events the department will host this year, please visit, mitty.com/campus-ministry.