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Guadalupe Hope Society Seeks Volunteers


The Guadalupe Hope Society (GHS) Women’s Center, a Catholic pregnancy care clinic in San Jose, has celebrated a full year of operations since Bishop Patrick J. McGrath blessed the Center at the official opening of the GHS Women’s Center on August 11, 2016.

During this past year we have had many blessings to be thankful for. First and foremost is our opportunity to provide support to women who are most in need of our Lord’s love and compassion for them and their unborn children. Another is the increase in client intakes that the Center is experiencing.

As a result of this increase in client intakes we need more volunteers to help us in the areas of receptionists, nurses, nurse practitioners, PA OBGYN, peer representatives (counselors), social networking, computer art and phone skills, and after-hour call takers. In addition, we are seeking individuals to be board members and prayer warriors to help us to continue to follow God’s plan for the GHS Women’s Center.

We are also looking for pregnant women who would like to volunteer as ultrasound models. If interested in doing this, please call the clinic to schedule a free obstetric ultrasound.

Individuals interested in volunteering in the other areas can be scheduled to attend our next volunteer training by calling, Oscar Martinez, Executive Director at (408) GHS-LIFE, (408) 447-5433 or by visiting, www.ghswomenscenter.com under the volunteer tab.

The Guadalupe Hope Society’s humble family is prayerfully thankful for Bishop Patrick McGrath and his generous support to People of Life. We ask that we all keep Bishop McGrath in our prayers.

We also ask that you pray for all pregnant mothers to choose life for their unborn children.