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Back to School Preparations Nudge Parents to Prepare for End of Life


By Kathy Fanger

This is an exciting, perhaps even overwhelming, time of the year as parents launch children off to school. The weeks preceding involve many lists, shopping for clothes, shoes, and school supplies, paying fees, filing out paperwork, completing medical exams and immunizations, perhaps even meeting with teachers.

Some parents are launching their high school graduates off to college or university life – more lists! They assist them with gathering countless dorm and apartment necessities and together assure that courses, supplies, required documentation, fees and fall finances are all in place. Whew! As parents bid children goodbye on the first day, there is a sense of peace and relief that, for the most part, their children are ready! When children feel secure, supported and loved, they can move forward more confidently. Undue stress is removed. What a gift you’ve given them.

Have you put the same amount of time and energy into preparing for your own funeral and end of life? Have you begun the conversation with your spouse, your aging parents, on what you and they would want? Or do you have no idea at all? There are over 136 questions that must be answered at the time of death.

By taking time now to begin the conversation, to intentionally plan, purchase, document and have everything in place when death occurs, then you, too, can feel a sense of peace and relief.

You are able to go on living, looking with promise to what lies ahead: life in heaven. What a gift of peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones! You free them of the countless decisions, locating required documentation, and paying the costs – all during the immediate days when they or you are grieving. It can be overwhelming!

Joe and Sondra O’Halloran of Saint Cyprian Parish, recently visited Gate of Heaven Cemetery. They chose an open, sunny burial spot near the beautiful willow tree in our Veterans Section.

Sondra shared, “We want to have all our plans in place for our adult daughter. We know she will be emotionally stressed when we die. If we can lessen her burden, it will make it easier for her.”

Sondra added, “I never looked at death as being grim. It has a lot to do with faith. Death is a beginning, not an end. It is spiritual, uplifting and joyful. That’s why I want to be buried in the light, not the shade.”

Catholic Cemeteries is here to assist you. This is our ministry. Preplanning takes less time than you may think. Call us for a free appointment and tour of our beautiful, holy grounds, chapels, mausoleums and Veterans Section. We listen to your wishes, describe burial options and offer zero-interest monthly payment plans (utilizing today’s prices). We also offer a comprehensive Catholic Funeral Plan™. Let us help you start this conversation. Contact us at (650) 428-3730 or visit, www.ccdsj.org. CFIS Insurance Service License 0136007.

Questions at End of Life
A Catholic Perspective

September 12, 1 – 3 p.m.
Church of the Transfiguration – in the church
4325 Jarvis Ave, San Jose 95118
Presenter: Father Joseph Benedict

Choices at end of life present unique challenges, particularly within a complex and technologically advance society. Physical death is perceived within modern society as the ultimate human tragedy. This presentation will explore end-of-life choices within the context of faith in Jesus and the moral tradition of the Church. Free.

For more information, please contact (650) 428-3730 or email, cemeteryinfo@dsj.org.