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Saint Lucy Models Respect

This is an example of what Saint Lucy’s t-shirts will look like.

“Respect is Our Superpower” is the 2017-18 school theme at Saint Lucy School. Each school year, Saint Lucy students focus on a different theme that is woven into classroom activities, morning assembly, bulletin boards, religious studies, and monthly Family Group meetings. Each trimester students will focus on the foundations of Respect as they embrace the virtues, Respect Your “Self,” Respect Your Friends, and Respect Your Community. Faculty members will also wear a “Respect” themed t-shirt every week to help reinforce the annual focus.

This year the Saint Lucy School theme fits in with the Pope’s words. In May, Pope Francis spoke about how Christians should treat others with gentleness and respect, as the Holy Spirit does. Reflecting on these two points can help each of us to reflect on our own attitude as Christians, he said, asking “Is it an attitude of gentleness?” and “Always act with gentleness and respect.”

This year’s theme provides a wonderful opportunity for Saint Lucy students in grades Pre-K-8 to empower themselves and be models of respect not just for themselves but for others and the world around them. Principal Sue Grover added, “embracing the value of respect is a an important way to live out our Catholic faith and live as Jesus intended.”