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A Summer of Active Learning and Adventure at SLEMS

Summer school action at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School.

Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School (SLEMS) has implemented a new and exciting summer school program.

Created and directed by Mr. Procaccio and Mrs. Fleming and supported by an energetic staff, the atmosphere on the SLEMS campus is one of happiness, acceptance and personal growth.
The half-day schedule designed to truly challenge each student in all areas of academic and social growth, is filled with 30-minute bursts of fresh curriculum. Core subjects are surrounded by wacky science, fitness fun, scrapbooking, cultural studies and more! All summer school students enrolled from entering grades 1-8 are encouraged and supported as they venture through many different skillsets in the morning hours.

Another special change to the Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School summer program is the integration of a dual-immersion Jumpstart to Kindergarten curriculum. Designed by Mrs. Flores, the youngest learners on campus are surrounded by English and Spanish music, dance, phonics and math as they are spoken to and respond in the Spanish language. The new dual-immersion program is a stepping stone toward a fresh approach of integrating the Hispanic culture and language into the future of SLEMS.

Summer school is not the only lively part of the Saint Lawrence campus this summer. The annual Summer Camp is in full bloom and filled with alumni students on the staff team, directed by Mrs. Herbelin. The camper’s days are filled with staff-led activities, sports, games and crafts during the morning hours, and the all-time favorite free swim in the afternoon. All of the summer camp activities are age appropriate, including a less than two-foot pool for the youngest swimmers present.

One special highlight of the summer camp program are the field trip adventures. From touring the Tech Museum in San Jose, to scoring a hole-in-one at Golfland, these experiences are safe and exciting for both campers and staff alike! Another highlight is the fresh new Teen center and Teen camp. The new location, right next to the sparkling pool, is fun and spacious. The teen campers are encouraged and supported as they play with the latest technology, create and share memories and actively participate in cooking and crafting lessons.

It is safe to say that life at SLEMS is booming this summer, and the community is truly making the most of the beautiful summer weather on the spacious and active Saint Lawrence campus!