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Bellarmine College Prep Graduates 410 Students

Bellarmine College Prep’s three top award recipients (l-r) Colin Denzel (Cardinal Bellarmine), Conor Linehan (salutatorian), Peter Boennighausen (valedictorian).

On May 27, Bellarmine College Prep graduated 410 students. The following is the list of the major award recipients for the Class of 2017:

Cardinal Bellarmine Award: Colin Denzel
The Cardinal Bellarmine Award is named for the patron of our school: Saint Robert Bellarmine. It is the highest award that our school gives at commencement and is presented to that student who has personally incorporated the school’s values of faith, service, leadership and a passion for justice in every area of contribution to the school’s life. The recipient of this award must be one whose personal character embodies the ideals and goals of this school.

Valedictory Award: Peter Boennighausen
The Valedictory Award is given to that student who has achieved academic success, demonstrated leadership qualities and has the ability to express the values of the school as well as the spirit of his class. The valedictorian knows his class and his school and speaks for both at commencement.

Salutatory Award: Conor Linehan
The Salutatory Award is presented to that student whose contribution to Bellarmine’s graduating class has been visible and manifold. He has represented the spirit of the class through his manner of living Christian values, his consistent expression of personal integrity, and the multiple ways that he has embodied the life and spirit of this class.

Ignatius Loyola Ministry Award: Miguel Diaz
The Ignatius Loyola Award is named for the 16th century founder of the Society of Jesus and presented to the student who has not only internalized his Christian faith significantly but whose actions have also given overwhelming evidence of his relationship with God. He has distinguished himself in his contributions to Bellarmine’s Campus Ministry program.

Pedro Arrupe Service Award: Arya Adibi
The Pedro Arrupe Service Award is named after the 28th General Superior of the Society of Jesus. It is presented to those students who have worked generously and effectively to translate into action our school’s commitment to the creation of a society more Godly and just, both in our own San Jose area and the world.

Jesuit Schools Network Award: Kian Blewett
The Jesuit Schools Network Award is presented to that student who is well-rounded, intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice in generous service to the people of God.

Rob Suarez Memorial Award: Joaquin Schmidt
The Rob Suarez Award honors that student who has raised our spirits when we have needed it most–in classrooms and hallways–but more importantly, by how he has reached out in private to individual members of our community–his humor and compassion bringing hope and a sense of freedom into the midst of our own daily struggles. Each year, instead of choosing a “winner” of the Rob Suarez Award, Bellarmine chooses a student to represent all the nameless and often unnoticed acts of compassion that have occurred within our community.

Bellarmine Spirit Award: Paolo Nguyen
The Bellarmine Spirit Award is presented to that student who embodies our school’s philosophy of vision, leadership and service within the broad spectrum of Bellarmine’s co-curricular activities.
Matteo Ricci Award: Scott Baker, Joseph Deck, Dylan Doblar, Keo Lacebal, Michael LaPierre, Ben Ma, Connor Mack, Arvind Sridhar, Mihir Trivedi, Alexander Yoo, Roberto Young

The Matteo Ricci award is named after the 16th century Jesuit missionary who truly embodied the Jesuit ideal of finding God in all things. This award is presented to those students who have contributed in a significant way to the entirety of Bellarmine’s life.

They have made lasting contributions to Bellarmine’s broad spectrum of co-curricular activities and their engagement in the academic program has been outstanding.