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Up,Up and Away Went the Fifth Graders at Holy Family School

Mr. and Mrs. Connell, pilots (captains) for United Airlines visited the fifth grade class at Holy Family School.

What a special honor it was to have Mr. and Mrs. Connell visit the fifth grade class. Mr. and Mrs. Connell are pilots (captains) for United Airlines and parents of two Holy Family School alumni.

The presentation began by taking the students away to Hawaii. Each student received a boarding pass and lei. They shared with the class what it is like to be a captain, shared their educational background on how they worked to become captains of a plane and educated the students on aviation.

Just like any flight, the students were treated to some pretzels during the presentation. However, they were treated to so much more than that. Mr. and Mrs. Connell allowed for questions. You can tell by their faces that all the knowledge retained from getting to ask questions, truly amazed them.

As more and more hands went up into the air for questions, the students patiently waited until they were called on. As facts about the stripes on their jackets were shared and the amount of years it took each of them to get to Captain, their fifth grade minds were eager for more. Mahalo to Mr. and Mrs. Connell for taking our fifth graders’ minds beyond the clouds.