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Saint Victor Students Meet the Scholastic Challenge


The Scholastic Challenge is a test that is sponsored by the American Scholastic Achievement League. Its purpose is to be a motivational tool that will stimulate a student’s quest for knowledge and provide them with the joy and satisfaction of meeting new academic challenges. Each year the eighth grade class takes the test which covers a wide range of topics including math, current events, and pop culture. What makes the test especially challenging is that students cannot prepare in advance for this test. The content assesses a student’s pre-existing knowledge. The Saint Victor faculty and staff are proud to announce that this year, eleven of the thirty-two eighth graders scored at or above the national average. In alphabetical order these students are: Rene Aziz, Jason Evanchik, Matthew Nguyen, Isaac Orais, Joseph Ponce, Gabriel Sanchez, Mateo Schmidt, Danielle Slaughter, Anthony Yalong, Kolbe Yang, and Michael Young. One eighth grader distinguished herself as the California Champion – Divyanshi Autade with a score of 83 out of 100. She is the third Saint Victor student in recent history to earn this distinction. We are proud of all of these students who embody two of the school’s Schoolwide Learning Expectations to be Caring and Responsible Citizens and Lifelong Learners.