Home Schools Saint Lucy School hosts Annual Science and Art Fair

Saint Lucy School hosts Annual Science and Art Fair


Saint Lucy students in grades 6-8, with presentation boards in hand, filled the school gymnasium in late April.

Earlier in the month, students developed their experiment – a question or problem to solve. They tested their hypothesis throughout the month, created a display board to document their experiments and then prepared their presentations. They were then ready to field questions from teachers, parents, and friends and families who packed the Saint Lucy School gymnasium.

Earlier in the day, Saint Lucy School invited eleven science and engineering professionals from the public sector to act as a panel of experts, interviewing each Junior High Student about their project, discussing their hypotheses, and commenting on their findings. The students were nervous before meeting the panel representatives, but gained valuable experience while making their presentations and fielding questions.

The day was complete with student art pieces from grades 5-8, plus the Junior High Art Elective program on display. Student artists, guided by the Art teacher created beautiful projects using many mediums, chalk, clay, stained glass, colored, pencil, and watercolors were just a few examples used in these amazing student designs. Families marveled at the creativity and individualism expressed by our young artists. This combination of the arts and sciences is so engaging that it has become an annual Saint Lucy School tradition.