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Saint Catherine School Celebrates Earth Day


Earth Day is a big event for Saint Catherine School. Each year the Green Team chooses a theme for the event. This year the school focused on garbage. Classes viewed videos on trash disposal and its impact on our environment. Additionally students arrived at school one day to discover that all the trash receptacles were gone. A bag was given to each student for him/her to keep trash for the day. At the end of the day students took their garbage home and discussed ways to reduce daily trash in school and at home. The following day students completed pledge sheets on which they identified one thing they could do to minimize that amount of trash going to landfills.

Students were delighted to learn that thanks to their recent eWaste and plastic bottle drives, the school purchased two composters to be used to compost lunch waste. The compost will be used in the school garden. This activity directly links to the school’s student learning expectation of being stewards of our environment.