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Saint Victor Partners with Cisco Systems


Integrating technology with teaching and learning can present challenges in the classroom. At Saint Victor School, the Technology Coordinator, Ian Hinkle partnered with Cisco Systems to overcome a big challenge: supporting the demand for more robust Wi-Fi on campus. A Saint Victor parent Raveesh D’Silva, who is currently employed with Cisco Systems helped create a partnership between Saint Victor and the worldwide leader in IT and networking. In October, Saint Victor became a beta tester for Mobility Express, one of Cisco Systems’ newest products. Working together after school Mr. Hinkle, Mr. D’Silva, and Rajat Tayal from Cisco installed Mobility Express. Mobility Express uses a controller that is built into the wireless access point and will fail over to another access point if it goes down. The software is extremely user friendly in terms of set up and maintenance.

On April 5, Hinkle presented Saint Victor’s case study at a beta partner meeting at Cisco Systems to a room full of people excited to hear about Cisco Systems’ new products. Using a slideshow with pictures of Saint Victor classrooms and students, Hinkle laid out the challenges faced by the school and how Mobility Express has helped to overcome those challenges. It has enabled students and teachers to access the wireless network from anywhere on campus. Improvements have been observed by both students and teachers. When teachers move from classroom to classroom they can roam freely and maintain the strongest wireless signal. Less time is wasted disconnecting from one wireless access point and connecting to another. There are also fewer connectivity issues due to switching because Mobility Express is a professional wireless system that can handle more users. Working in partnership with Cisco Systems, Saint Victor was able to meet a challenge and the results benefit students and staff alike.