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Saint Clare Girl Scouts “Spread Easter Joy”


Easter is a time of great joy, yet for some families, extra financial burdens may dampen their spirits. Girl Scout Troop 62010 of Saint Clare School has had an annual tradition of preparing Easter baskets for the children served by our parish Saint Vincent dePaul Society. By providing something special for the children, the troop hopes families will be able to use that money for necessities without feeling like the little ones are missing out on the fun. This year the troop sought to do something extra special: an Easter egg hunt!

The Girl Scout motto is, “Be Prepared” so planning for the “Spread Easter Joy” project began early in the year. Sarah G., a fourth grade student and fourth-year Junior Girl Scout, earned her Bronze Award for her leadership on the project. It wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of the entire troop as well as the school community. The troop used their money from the annual cookie fundraiser to purchase supplies for the hunt, as well as fresh eggs, dye kits, and Girl Scout Cookies for each family. Saint Clare families donated small toys and candies to help fill the 480 plastic eggs the girls prepared.

Unfortunately, an unexpected rain storm significantly reduced the number of children who were able to come to the hunt. The Girl Scouts didn’t let that ruin the event. Instead, they quickly gathered the eggs and researched another organization that could use them. The eggs were donated to the City of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department for their community Easter egg hunt and the troop received special recognition for their generosity.

Troop 62010 focuses on service throughout the year and Sarah is the third scout to earn the Bronze Award. Alexandra B. earned hers for work on the environment and Sammantha R. earned hers for work to support the Mountain View Police Officers Association. Mrs. Leana Dalton and Mrs. Christine Cardoza volunteer as troop leaders for this group of young leaders.