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Ripples of Hope


By Gregory Kepferle
CEO, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County and President, Charities Housing Development Corporation

The recent flooding of Coyote Creek caused devastating ripples of destruction downstream from Anderson Dam. Even today many families still live in temporary housing until their flooded units are restored. But this disaster created other ripples – ripples of help and ripples of hope. Volunteers, donors, government agencies, community groups and nonprofits stepped up immediately to help the families, especially those most vulnerable before the flood – seniors, people with disabilities, Vietnamese and Latino immigrants and former refugees, two and sometimes three families sharing small apartments. Donors, large and small, and from near and far chipped in to meet immediate needs of food, shelter and transportation. Catholic Charities continues to help house flood survivors, organize car donations, and help families rebuild their lives for long-term recovery. Every day our staff hear survivors say, “Thank you, Catholic Charities” whether for finding an apartment, for a car to get back to work, for connecting to other community resources, or for simply listening with compassion.

Every day we see ripples of generosity, from donors who contribute cars or cash, to apartment owners who are offering units free of charge, to furniture companies offering free household furniture.

We see these same ripples of generosity spread through our community as caring donors assist Catholic Charities in providing help and creating hope for seniors seeking their one hot meal of the day, for children wanting to learn and stay safe from gangs in our after school programs, for immigrants and refugees to find a welcoming community, for people living with mental illness to find healing, and for struggling families to find a path out of poverty.

With so many people coming to Catholic Charities, we need your help more than ever. I invite you to invest a little extra this year during Catholic Charities May Appeal. Each new and increased gift will be matched two to one by the Sobrato Family Foundation.

Help us create ripples of hope right here in Santa Clara County.
To find out how you can help, visit www.catholiccharitesscc.org/donate.