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Faith Formation Conference Returning to Santa Clara Convention Center with an Updated Name


By Liz Sullivan

A year after it was held simultaneously with the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry and at the San Jose Convention Center, the Faith Formation Conference will return to its original format; but not quite!

Recently twenty-five representatives from the Diocese of Monterey, Diocese of San Jose (DSJ), Archdiocese of San Francisco and the Diocese of Oakland gathered for a planning meeting for the newly renamed Santa Clara Faith Formation Conference. The conference will be held November 3-4 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, where it had been held for several years.

Originally when the 2016 conference ended it was announced that the conference would take a year break as DSJ restructured its Office of Parish Services, now known as the Department for Evangelization, to align with the Diocese’s efforts to focus on where Christ is made known: Word, Worship and Witness.
“When talk of the conference came up I stressed that the Diocese of San Jose needs to be at the table,” said Father John Hurley, CSP, DSJ Vicar for Evangelization. “From the Diocese’s standpoint this supports our focus on Word, Worship and Witness.”

Joining San Jose in sponsoring the event is the Diocese of Monterey in collaboration with the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the Dioceses of Stockton and Oakland. This will be the 15th year the Conference has been held.

“There are such big possibilities,” said Tish Scargill, Director of Catechetical Ministries for the Diocese of Monterey. “This has given us the opportunity to open the door to so many avenues of ministry.”

Said Sister Celeste Arbuckle, SSS, Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, “I am very pleased with this collaboration. I am excited that we all get to work together. My desire is that the Holy Spirit always guides us in the best way.”

There are still months of planning and decisions to be made, but the energy around the table at the meeting was strong and the presence of the Holy Spirit strong.

“There are a lot of people in Northern California,” said Hurley. “We have an opportunity for this conference to get very big.”

A new website will be launched shortly. For information, email
SCFFC@dsj.org or call (408) 983-0124.