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Your Catholic Legacy


Your legacy is timeless. It has the enduring power to bless the ones you care about and grow our Catholic Community for generations to come.

Our parishes are at the center of our personal faith journeys, the faith formation of our children, and the creation of meaningful relationships and community building. Many of us are very dedicated to our parishes; we give our time, talent, and treasure – but what about after we’re gone? How can we leave a lasting mark on our parishes and the other Catholic ministries we care about that will outlive us?

“I’m honored to have joined this vibrant and faith-filled community upon my first assignment as pastor, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to create FOREVER VALUE here.”
– Father Andrew V. Nguyen, Holy Family Parish


In this feature, we will explore what legacy giving has meant to the donors and recipients of these gifts as well as how you can create FOREVER VALUE for the parish or ministry you love.


“Our Lady of Refuge is a thriving multi-cultural faith community, made possible by the broad Catholic community of our diocese. We are so pleased that through a vibrant legacy program we can ensure that this diverse and joy-filled parish can flourish forever.”
– Anabella Estrada & Sally,
Our Lady of Refuge Parish


What do You Need to Know about Planned Giving?

When many people think about planned giving, they assume that wills and bequests are only for “wealthy” people. This is simply not true! Anyone can leave a meaningful gift to their parish in a simple will. A gift of just a few thousand dollars to a parish’s endowment creates a meaningful and lasting gift for that parish.

Just think: If only 200 people leave their parish endowment a gift of $5,000, that creates a $1,000,000 endowment that will provide for that parish forever! What an incredible legacy!

“Saint Elizabeth Parish is a vibrant and diverse community and we are grateful to many parishioners who dedicate their time, talent, and treasure to the community. Many parishioners are excited to learn that through legacy planning and endowments, their legacy will last forever in our parish. They are able to plant the seeds today for the plentiful harvest tomorrow.”
– Father Justin Le, Saint Elizabeth Parish

There are many ways to make legacy gifts. A bequest is a gift of a certain dollar amount, specific asset, or percentage of your estate which is made through your will or trust. A beneficiary designation is made through a simple form. It allows you to designate a Catholic organization as the beneficiary of retirement plans, financial accounts, and life insurance policies. As you can see in the diagram below, you can make gifts directly to a parish or organization, or you can endow your gift.

An endowment is a fund invested for long-term growth which never expires. The principle of the fund is never spent, so the fund will provide grants FOREVER. A generous donor has pledged to give $1 million to our San Jose Diocese parish endowments.

“Our parishioners are not only excited about the yearly benefit that will come to the Saint Julie food pantry from our new endowment, but also about the fact that the legacy of Bill and Nancy Glover, a founding family in our parish, will live on forever.”
– Father Saju Joseph,
Saint Julie Billiart Parish

This means if your parish raises $20,000 for your parish endowment, it will be matched with another $20,000! Now is the perfect time to start building a solid foundation for your parish’s future.

For more information and ideas about planning your Catholic legacy, please contact the Catholic Community Foundation by phone at (408) 995-5219, by email at info@cfoscc.org or visit cfoscclegacy.org.