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Santa Clara University and Saint Vincent de Paul Society Raising Awareness for a Cause

Dora Hyson (SVdP), Hannah Hawkins, Tucker Smith, Nicole Fite, and Eric Peters.

A Communications class at Santa Clara University (SCU) was given a challenging assignment. Select a local non-profit organization, partner with them, and launch a program to raise awareness and funds to support their cause. St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP), who has been providing outreach support for the needy in Santa Clara County since 1946, and has a mission on campus where students who refer to themselves as “The Vinnies” and “The Nightriders,” was selected because of its long history of helping the needy in Santa Clara County and well-established presence at SCU.

The team, which consisted of four students, contacted SVdP to share their vision and gain a better understanding of the SVdP Society. Their strategy was to bring awareness of SVdP to the SCU students through a campus wide Fun Sock Fundraiser. They leveraged Facebook, started an Instagram page, and promoted the event on KSCU College Radio and the local College newsletter.

In order to ensure the students walked away with an understanding of what SVdP does for the community, they inserted a flyer into each pair of socks! When the event was over they sold more than 100 pairs of socks and delivered the proceeds to SVdP to be used in helping others. SVdP treasures our young volunteers who represent the future of continuing our mission of compassion and care. Dora Hyson, VP for SVdP said, “The students of SCU have been a blessing to the society and the efforts the students put forth were innovative, rewarding, and inspiring.”