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Saint Martin of Tours Parish Lenten Retreat

The Saint Martin of Tours Young Adult Ministry organized a Lenten Retreat for the parish community.

The Saint Martin of Tours Young Adult Ministry were asked by Father Sergio Ovando to organize a Lenten Retreat for the entire parish community. This event was facilitated by the Verbum Dei Missionaries of San Francisco, specifically Sister Sara Postelthwaite and Laryn Kovalik. The chosen theme for the retreat was “The Wilderness Will Bloom” and it could not have been more appropriate.

This prayerful event took place March 13 and 14 at Saint Martin’s parish. Attendees were greeted with refreshments and a welcoming atmosphere in which all had the opportunity to get to know their Parish members a little better. The two-hour retreat followed and this was an intimate setting made up of music, a talk, and contemplative prayer which focused on Lectio Divina.

Lectio Divina is a slow-paced, contemplative praying of the scriptures in which we have the opportunity to discover God who “speaks” to us on a very personal level. The theme of the retreat interacted perfectly with this prayer practice because Lent is a critical time for us to stop or slow down in order to reconnect with God and experience Hope, even in the Wilderness.

During this retreat, the primary focus was the importance of reflection. Those who attended not only took with them a small symbolic stone and scripture card, but they left with an overwhelming sense of peace and an excitement for the joy that Easter brings.