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Saint Leo’s Eighth Grade Boys’ Basketball Team

Back Row: Coach Welsh, Desmond Casto, Christopher Wilk, Matthew Lavin, Ryan Packard, Ethan Galbraith, Clem Welsh, and Coach Agarpao. Front Row: John Agarpao, Curran Lyons, Alex Clisbee, Christian Klostermann, Mateo Ramirez, and Enow Akem.

The Lions’ final roar came with a slight blow! The eighth grade boys’ basketball team at Saint Leo the Great Catholic School finished off their final season of basketball undefeated. Head Coach Welsh and Assistant Coach Agarpao were both so impressed with the athletic growth and prowess over the last four years as well as their undisputable teamwork and sportsmanship. The Saint Leo community is grateful to the two coaches for their years of dedication and their countless hours of preparation for a final undefeated season!

Coach Welsh was overjoyed when he heard a coach from another team claim that the boys looked too small to match up to his team; the coach receiving that message responded, “I wouldn’t judge them by their size, I’ve seen them play!”