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“Pout Pout Fish” Illustrator Visits Saint Clare

Illustrator Dan Hanna visits Saint Clare School.

On April 4, Saint Clare students in grades TK to 2 were treated to a presentation by illustrator Dan Hanna. He is the illustrator for the New York Times best selling book, “Pout-Pout Fish” series. Along with the author, Deborah Diesen, Hanna has illustrated 13 “Pout-Pout Fish” books.

Hanna had the students laughing at the start of his presentation by showing them famous “pouts” throughout history. He continued by reading to the children, the newest book, “The Pout Pout Fish, Far, Far from Home” which was also the first day of publication. During the presentation, Mr. Hanna showed the students some of the drawings that led to Pout Pout Fish and other characters in the books. He told the children that he got his inspiration for the pout pout fish while he was scuba diving. He didn’t know the type of fish he saw but it sure looked like it was pouting. One of the secrets that Hanna let the students in on was that a pen or pencil is magic. It can be described as a magic wand in which you can create anything with it. Some people will doodle and create a fish; while others will write and create a story. Most importantly, Hanna advised the children not to worry about making mistakes. He told them, when it comes to writing or even doodling, mistakes can be your best friend and take you in a direction you were not expecting.

In addition, Hanna also showed the students other works he has created but have not been published. All of his works can be seen on his website www.danhanna.com.

Hanna concluded the engaging appearance by signing copies of his illustrated books for students that pre-ordered it from Hicklebee’s Bookstore in Willow Glen.