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“Our Story” – Saint Clare Eighth Grade Retreat


“Our Story” was the theme of the Saint Clare School Eighth Grade Retreat held at Presentation Retreat Center on March 31. The retreat was led by youth ministry coordinators from the Diocese of San Jose and beyond including: Row David (Holy Spirit Parish, San Jose), Deepu Kochuparambil (Saint Catherine Parish, Morgan Hill), Jon Manongdo (Saint Joseph Parish, Fremont) and Steve Do (Chancery Offices, San Jose).

The focus of the retreat was to help the students realize that each of their life journey (or story), though unique and different, are a part God’s story. In order for students (and all of us) to understand this more fully, it is important for them to know self, know neighbor, and know God. A few activities throughout the day included decorating blank t-shirts with facts about themselves and their unique interests and challenges, creating a timeline of their lives and noting key people who influenced them along their journey, and discovering and practicing different prayer styles.

The students also attended Mass celebrated by pastor of the parish-school, Father Tad Terembula. The retreat concluded with the students opening their affirmation bags and reading heartfelt letters from their peers. The eighth graders were open and receptive to the experience and had a wonderful time reflecting about their lives, connecting with their peers and encountering God.