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Most Holy Trinity Student Reaches Regional Spelling Bee


By Maryan, MHT student

Hello, I’m Maryan, and I’m here with Alexis Sigua. We are both students at Most Holy Trinity School in San Jose. On March 18, Alexis made it to the 2017 Scripps Regional Spelling Bee and now I, Maryan, am going to interview her.

Maryan: Who would you like to thank through this journey?
Alexis: I would like to thank my supportive father, sister, and family members. I would also like to thank Mr. McIntyre, my principal, for letting me participate in this competition and my amazing classmates. But most of all, I want to thank my mother, who helped me study every day, along with motivating me to do my best in everything I do. I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without her.

Maryan: Who encouraged you to keep on going even though you didn’t want to?

Alexis: My parents really encouraged me to keep on going by being optimistic.

Maryan: What were your biggest challenges when it goes to the spelling bee?

Alexis: One of the biggest challenges was being intimidated by other competitors who were in the bee. Even though I never met any other competitors, I was nervous and doubted my own intelligence.

Maryan: What is your definition for hard work?

Alexis: My definition of hard work is endless nights of practice, dedication, and prayer. When I studied for the spelling bee, I had to dedicate all my time to studying. And I think praying helps. God will recognize your hard work and determination.

Maryan: Would you like MHT School to participate in the bee again? Why?

Alexis: Yes, I would want MHT School to participate in the bee again. I want to give others an incredible experience just like I did. The spelling bee was really fun, and it taught me lots of lessons I could use in real life.