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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,
I have become more and more disappointed with my Catholic Church. Let me list some of the reasons.

The Diocese of San Jose has become more and more liberal as they want to allow illegal immigrants to stay and be supported. My problem here is what is the church’s position regarding the folks who have applied for citizenship and have been waiting and who are being thrown back in line? In addition, what is the cost to the taxpayers for allowing the illegal immigrants to stay? I don’t know but I would bet many of the taxpayers would like to know what that price tag is as much as I would. I’m sure it is enormous. And I believe that if the cost was provided, a great number of taxpayers would not be so eager to support the policy.

Another point: why don’t we survey the citizens to see how many are for sanctuary cities who allow illegal immigrants who have committed crimes to not be reported to ICE?
One other thing. I realize our church wishes to help the poor and others and, except for a short period when I stopped giving, I have supported my church, other charities that help people, the missions, and some building projects. We have plenty of citizens in our country and in San Jose that need help and I feel they should be given first priority over illegal immigrants.

Ed Lodi
San Jose