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Fun with Stop Motion

Several fourth grade students working together to put their creature into animation.

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Lab at Saint John the Baptist School has brought lots of fun and exciting experience since its opening last month.

Recently, Ms. Hardee’s fourth grade students were able to learn the basics of stop motion animation. A student explained that, “Stop motion is when someone takes pictures, connects the pictures, and turns it into a running animation!”

After a brief introduction, they were placed into collaborative groups and given a construction/animation kit. The kit contains over 100 pieces and an HD webcam. They were taught how to use the software with the guidance of Arlene Ang.

Students were asked to create a creature within 10 minutes. When the timer rang, students had very interesting looking alien species. Some had 1 or 2 leg(s), others had wings, and one group’s creature had wheels for legs.

Each group created a short stop motion animation with their crazy creature. The movements were captured frame by frame. When they played back the images, it looked as though the aliens were alive and moving.