Spread Hope, Preach Christ, Don’t Worry About Numbers, Pope says


ROME (CNS) – Visiting Milan, the center of Italian fashion and finance, Pope Francis spent the morning with the poor and those who minister to them. He had lunch at the city’s historic San Vittore prison, where all 893 inmates – men and women – are awaiting trial.

But Pope Francis began his visit March 25 on the outskirts of the city, at the “White Houses,” a housing development for the poor built in the 1970s. Three families welcomed the pope into their apartments: Stefano Pasquale, 59, who is ill and cared for by his 57-year-old wife, Dorotee; a Muslim couple and their three children from Morocco; and the Onetes. Nuccio Onete, 82, was home for the pope’s visit, but his wife, Adele, was hospitalized with pneumonia three days earlier, so the pope called her on the telephone.

The people of the neighborhood gave Pope Francis a handmade white stole, which he put on before addressing the crowd. The fact that it was homemade, he said, “makes it much more precious and is a reminder that the Christian priest is chosen from the people and is at the service of the people. My priesthood, like that of your pastor and the other priests who work here, is a gift of Christ, but one sewn by you, by the people, with your faith, your struggles, your prayers and your tears.”