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Learning Coding at Saint Leo the Great School

Chandelier, Remote Control Car, and Mini Console to play Pong.

“The more real it is, the more buy-in from my students. Their projects have to be tangible and real-world.” This was a simple, everyday, conversation with Matthew Kuhs as he spoke of his Coding at Saint Leo the Great Catholic School. Kuhs teaches Coding as an elective to eighth graders at Saint Leo. Their latest task is Project Based Learning at its best! For the remainder of the school year, the class will be in a “workshop” setting alongside their teammates who were given projects aligned with the students’ understanding of coding and engineering.

The students began the year with basic coding instructions, now they are working on their building skills, coding skills, teamwork skills, organization skills, and so on.

Kuhs introduced the project with the schematics of what was to be built; he then allowed the students to figure out the specs of their assigned project and order the materials that they felt were needed to complete their given assignment. Liz, a novice to coding, said that she’s excited her group’s chandelier project could be displayed in the school’s hallway, if it turns out well!
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