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Saint Joseph School, Mountain View Backdrop for National Morning Show


By Liz Sullivan

It was just a typical Tuesday during Lent when Anne Nowell was asked to take a phone call in office at Saint Joseph School, Mountain View, where she serves as Principal. On the other line was Brian O’Keefe, a producer for “Good Morning America.” O’Keefe wanted to know if he, a television camera crew and correspondent Nick Watt, could come to the school two days later and interview students about happiness and the path for achieving it.

After running the request through the normal protocol channels at the Chancery of the Diocese of San Jose the crew arrived Thursday morning, March 9 ready to film.
O’Keefe said he came upon the school’s name by searching for “private schools in Mountain View.” Nowell admitted when she heard the press was calling she thought they were seeking comment about Saint Francis High School and its financial success after the Snap IPO. These two schools border each other.

Nowell and her staff pulled students from various grades and had them playing on the playground while Nick Watt went up to them and asked them about happiness.
In addition, also being interviewed at the school was Google’s Mo Gawdet about his new book, “Solve For Happy.” Google in based in Mountain View.

“It was such a delight to have the “Good Morning America’ crew come to our school,” said Nowell. “Nick Watt spoke to our students about their ideas about happiness and the children were delighted to share their thoughts. The author of, “Solve For Happy” wants to share his concepts of happiness and believes that as children, they do honestly achieve happiness every day and wants adults to remember to do the same, no matter what obstacles come their way.”

The piece was expected to air on March 21.