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Saint Elizabeth Seton School and Saint Francis High School: a Great Partnership


Seton School has been blessed for many years to have had a wonderful relationship and collaboration with Saint Francis High School (SFHS). Three times a year Seton’s Junior High students get the opportunity to spend time with students from SFHS to not only learn from each other, but to share experiences that are beneficial to all. The gym is set with tables on visiting days to allow for small groups to work together. Math, Social Studies and English exercises are given by the Seton School teachers for the junior high and high schoolers to work on together. It’s always fun to observe how both schools learn from each other and how the basic skills of listening; responding, teaching, being patient, displaying empathy and respect for others are of the utmost importance. And that’s for both schools! Generally the work finishes quickly and time is spent asking about high school expectations: How do you manage to get to each class on time? Do you have a locker? What are your teachers like? and more.

The visitors stay for lunch on site and everyone sits and eats together. Learning how to welcome others and find common areas of interest is not always easy – even for adults! Lunch break generally wraps up with a game of soccer or basketball where our students feel they excel. They forget that there’s a big developmental difference between junior high and high school ages – some of the SFHS students tower over our junior high students.

Overall, this is a terrific community experience that officials at Seton believe benefits all – the students may learn a different approach to learning Math, English or Social Studies but most of all they learn about students from a Catholic high school and what opportunities lie ahead. It really is a time of camaraderie – these students live just 10 miles from each other but come from completely different worlds, each one being just as important.

Proudly, Seton had seven graduates from the school transfer to SFHS last year. Could these visits have been an inspiration to our junior high students to work a little harder to attain that goal? We don’t really know, but we do know that everyone wins with this type of collaboration – thank you Saint Francis High School – we are blessed!