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Leer es Poder Student Group formed at Sacred Heart Nativity Schools

Sixth grade girls enjoying RAD Day.

An enthusiastic group of about 20 students, who advocate for literacy, was formed recently at Sacred Heart Nativity/Our Lady of Grace School. The group, known as Leer es Poder (Reading is Power!), sponsored its first school-wide RAD DAY event early this month on Read Across America Day.

On RAD (Read All Day), all middle school students were invited to bring books, magazines, sleeping bags, pillows and stuffies to curl up and enjoy a book during the last two periods of the day. Leer es Poder students walked around to the different classrooms to deliver cookies and milk to interested students who paid .50/cookie. Students also had the opportunity to wear pajama free dress for $1.00.

Students in the Leer es Poder group hope to make enough money to start re-furbishing the library with buying some new books and hopefully being able to get a beanbag chair too. ELA teacher, Elise Hasty, facilitates this newly formed student leadership group. Ms. Hasty approached Principal Lorraine Shepherd sharing her concerns about students not reading outside of school time and enjoying it. Both Hasty and Shepherd noted that there are still many students on campus who enjoy reading and why not form a task force to have students find the solutions.

An open invitation to learn about the forming student task force brought close to 20 students to Room 105 and from there Leer es Poder was formed. Next on the agenda for the group is to provide lunchtime assistance to the volunteer librarian to help catalog books and work on library displays. In addition, they have plans to decorate a hallway bulletin board dedicated to women authors this month.