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Holy Family School Fifth Graders visit NASA


Holy Family School fifth grade students had the opportunity to visit NASA Ames at Moffett Field. Dividing the trip into two parts, the students were able to visit the Ames Visitor Center and participate in The NASA Ames Exploration Encounter (AEE).

At the Ames Visitor Center, students engaged in a self-guided tour through the museum viewing various exhibits displaying the many accomplishments of NASA over the years. One of the outstanding exhibits visited was Science on a Sphere where students experienced a new look of the planets in the universe, and review weather patterns and earthquake data. While checking out the Kepler Mission students explored how NASA surveys the region of the Milky Way galaxy and learned of their discoveries of potential new planets orbiting near-by stars. Students were provided a new perspective on how they view the relationship of Earth with space due to the work and dedication of the people who work at NASA.

The Ames Exploration Encounter was another distinct privilege of this outing. Students were offered an experiential hands-on opportunity at different stations. Demonstrations regarding the forces on an airplane, the opportunity to simulate a space mission or participate in the work of an Air Traffic Controller, were just a few of the ways students were able to experience the practical application of science in their lives.

Ms. Calvillo and Mrs. Caron’s fifth grade classes ended their day amazed by the different ways NASA explores space through travel. If you ask a few of the students, they would tell you their greatest revelation was how tasty astronaut ice cream can be!