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Catholic Answers Staff Apologist Karlo Broussard Speaks at Six Parishes

Karlo Broussard with the Middle and High School Students of Queen of Apostles Church.

By Klarissa Chichioco,
Queen of Apostles Youth & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator

It isn’t every day that we come across someone like Karlo Broussard, who left a promising musical career to devote himself full-time to the work of Catholic apologetics. Apologetics is the theological science of defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse. In short, Karlo is a professional defender for the Catholic faith.
Karlo did a series of talks for 6 parishes in the diocese of San Jose on February 25-28. He spoke about the topics that are on the hearts of Catholics in Silicon Valley. Topics included
“What Difference Does Jesus Make?” “Apologetics for an Age of Unbelief,” “Science: A Believers Friend or Foe?” and more.

“Defending Right and Wrong in a Relativistic Culture” was presented at Sacred Heart Parish in Saratoga. Patrick DeLorenzo, Pastoral Associate, reflected, “Karlo pointed out that our culture is reluctant to say ‘You’re wrong’, and there is this need to say ‘You’re ok, we are all ok, as long as we don’t hurt others’. In the end, this relativistic culture creates a sense of chaos, disorder and confusion.” Karlo equipped attendees with the tools to speak to others about relativism.

Several fans of Catholic Answers Live on Immaculate Heart Radio attended Karlo’s talks, as he is a regular guest on the show. Even a group from Pittsburgh, CA, carpooled to Our Lady of Peace to hear Karlo speak in person.

A wide range of age groups attended Karlo’s talks. Youth leaders from Queen of Apostles were excited to hear Karlo speak, as one of them enthusiastically stated that they “have never met an apologist before.”

People lined up to speak to Karlo after his presentations and to purchase materials published by Catholic Answers. Karlo was very generous with his time.

In addition to Karlo Broussard, Catholic Answers has a team of skilled apologists and evangelists who teach fellow Catholics to share and defend the faith and to grow in love for God and his Church. Contact seminars@catholic.com to bring Karlo or another dynamic speaker to your parish or community.