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Saint John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery’s History And Legacy Celebrated


Saint John the Baptist Cemetery is unique among our three diocesan Catholic cemeteries: The historic cemetery resides in the heart of a Milpitas neighborhood community. Neighbors walk, jog or cycle by and some look down upon it from the Milpitas hills.
Saint John the Baptist Cemetery is located at 651 Old Piedmont Road between Landess and Calaveras Blvd. It is approximately one mile from Saint Elizabeth Church and two miles from Saint John the Baptist Church.

Blessed on September 7, 1902, Saint John the Baptist Cemetery was originally the parish cemetery for Saint John the Baptist Parish. The first burial took place on February 13, 1903.
Residing on just a few acres, the cemetery land is still being developed. The newest section, Saint Andrew’s Garden, has traditional in-ground graves available for purchase. Interim plans include looking into above ground niches for cremated remains, a watering station, and new cemetery signage.

Bella Arnaldo, parishioner at Saint Elizabeth’s Parish, Milpitas, recently purchased cemetery property for her family at Saint John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery. “On Sunday afternoons, I often bicycle with my son or friends past Saint John the Baptist Cemetery on Old Piedmont Road. It is a quaint, old country cemetery and reminds me of the cemeteries in the rural countryside of the Philippines. I get ‘lost’ in larger cemeteries. This cemetery is small and cozy. It is quiet and peaceful. This is my religion. I was baptized Catholic and received all my sacraments. I want to be buried in a Catholic cemetery.”

Cookie and Dick Jones, long-time active parishioners at Saint Elizabeth Church, echo Bella’s sentiments for the small and cozy feel. “Plus, it’s easy for our nine adult kids to find.” Despite the fact that both sides of the Jones’ families are buried in another local public cemetery, Cookie and Dick chose Saint John’s. Like the Arnaldo family, they desired to be buried in a Catholic cemetery.

“We are in the last row under a huge tree. It is so peaceful there. The mountains in the distance are magnificent and the view is beautiful.” states Arnaldo.

Legacy is a gift
End of life is inevitable. Jesus promised that one day he will come back and take us home to him. We carefully plan for everything else in life: births, graduations, weddings, anniversaries. What a beautiful gift of peace of mind when your funeral plans, property and wishes for Catholic funeral services are in place and documented. This legacy and gift to your loved ones removes the burden of decisions, financial demands, and the urgency of choosing a final resting place. Catholic Cemeteries will guide you.

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