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Holy Spirit School Spotlight on Drexel School System


On February 15, Holy Spirit School opened our doors to teachers and administrators from the Archdiocese of Omaha’s Department of Education. They visited our classrooms to observe the Drexel School System curriculum and programs in action in the morning and spent the afternoon with all of the Drexel teachers to observe their monthly collaboration exercises.

The Archdiocese is interested in the possible adoption of the Drexel model that has been part of our school for almost three years and is helping our students grow in math and reading as recently publicized to our school families. The results of our students’ rising test scores are a great source of pride at Holy Spirit and a testament to the hard work of our teachers and students alike.

Incorporating technology and data-driven instruction is one aspect of the Drexel School System. The collaboration and sharing of best practices among our talented and dedicated faculty and staff is another.

Mrs. Sullivan explained the second grade President Project to our visitors from Omaha. Over the last week and a half, students have been learning about different elected leaders – presidents, mayors and governors. Students used iPads to research a president from our history. In their Language Arts practice to understand genre, they discussed the difference between autobiographies and biographies. Students then wrote short paragraphs about the president they researched, from the perspective of that president, creating a pretend “autobiography.”

Using the app, Chatterkids, students read and recorded their “autobiographies.” The culmination of the project is a video that features their president speaking the students’ pretend autobiography. Through this one project, students were able to learn and apply an amazing number of skills. We can’t wait to share some of the final projects!