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A Week of Celebrating at Seton School


Seton School bookends Catholic Schools Week with two beautiful Masses – the opening in full school uniform at Saint Francis of Assisi in East Palo Alto, and the closing at Saint Albert the Great in Palo Alto in multicultural dress. Our ethnically diverse community comes together to celebrate Catholic Schools Week and also the Seton School community.

On the Monday we jump into Parent Appreciation Day. Ms. Rosa our Principal, Mrs. Maguire the Vice-Principal and Mrs. Barragan the Office Manager hand out doughnut treats to our parents as they drive by to drop their students off in the morning–heading out for a busy day of their own! Staff Appreciation Day on Tuesday is coordinated by our Parent Advisory Committee. This is celebrated with a terrific luncheon and comes complete with appreciative notes from students to teachers and staff. We love the unique foods every year and are grateful for all their efforts!
Wednesday evening is Seton’s Open House and Science Fair. How nice it is to see our students help prepare for the evening: re-sweeping classroom floors, refreshing project boards and writing welcome notes throughout the school. Our classes and bulletin boards are packed with student’s projects, but more important is the air of excitement between teachers and students – they get to show enrolled and potentially new Seton parents just what they love about Seton School.

And, do you know if gel or hairspray holds hair the longest? Just how dirty is your home? What brand of bubble gum holds its flavor the longest? How to measure lung capacity? Our 6-8 grade students have the answers! Close to 100 display boards with hypothesis, data collection and conclusions, share unique thoughts and ideas from our Middle School students. A wonderful group of judges from technical companies in Silicon Valley as well as Stanford students spend the evening talking with students and judging their work – we are most grateful! It’s delightful to see how our science program has evolved into greater challenges; studies on behaviors, sound impacts, reaction times, smells and more are presented. Pet studies are generally a favorite and our athletes task themselves with fitness and nutrition studies. Thank you also Father Matt, Father Stasys and Father Michael, and our school sponsors, who came out to support this event. We trust that they, and potentially new Seton parents, picked up an atmosphere of community at Seton School.

Student Appreciation Day is on Thursday. In the afternoon a different movie is shown in each class – a total of nine movies. Like a theater, our students have a ticket to select a show and rotate to the room of choice when the time comes. Of course there are treats, too!

Finally, on Friday a lovely multicultural Mass celebrates the closing of the week. Students and staff come in cultural dress and the Mass is followed by a shared feast in the gym. We all delight on foods from different parts of the world; Pozole, Pupusa, KeKe, Lu, Mole, Chow Mein, Buñuelos, Corned Beef, Refrescos, Flan and much more!

A busy week at Seton School that’s full of tradition and fun.
It’s nice to feel that we have a whole year to plan for the next one!