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Queen of Apostles First Graders Learn about their Country through Gingerbread Men

Anna Rodriguez and some of her first graders with their classroom map filled with some of the gingerbread men they received.

Gingerbread men from around the country arrived at Queen of Apostles School throughout the months of December and January. The first graders and their teacher anxiously awaited each one and could not wait to learn about where the gingerbread man had traveled from and the stories of its creators.

Mrs. Anna Rodriguez, the first grade teacher, at Queen of Apostles heard about this gingerbread man exchange online and soon the first graders were busy creating gingerbread men on their own. At the end of the exchange, she learned that nearly 300 schools had participated. Students created everything from scientist gingerbread men, to Sharks hockey gingerbread men, to Princess Leia and Darth Vader gingerbread men, each of these representing something special about the Bay Area. They also wrote accompanying letters to tell first graders across the country, who would be receiving these, what makes the Bay Area unique.

Not only did the students learn the geography of the United States of America, but they also learned how vastly diverse a country, it is. They were surprised to learn about schools with less than ten children per class and about schools where they could see cows from their classroom windows. As each letter was received, the accompanying gingerbread man was attached to the classroom map.

For the first batch of letters, the first graders enjoyed cookies and milk and heard about other first graders, who as one first grader put it, “Are just like us!”