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Archbishop Mitty Students Find Family in Song


By Somin Jo, Class of 2017

Every year at Archbishop Mitty High School, we celebrate a new liturgical theme song to focus on a specific theme for the entire Mitty community. An uplifting song is chosen by Campus Ministry and is introduced to the whole school during the first assembly of the school year. We sing our liturgical theme song at every retreat, Mass, liturgy, and any time when the entire Mitty community is together. The liturgical theme song has been a part of the Mitty tradition since 2000, and it embodies our school’s unity and loving community.

The liturgical theme song for the 2016-2017 school year is, “Never Gonna Let You Down,” by Colbie Caillat. As a senior, I’m so happy that the last liturgical theme song I get to sing with the Mitty community is this particular song because the song emphasizes and defines true friendships. Caillat sings: “Laugh / I will make you laugh, / If you ever feel like crying / Close / I will hold you close, / You won’t be alone anymore.” The liturgical theme song embodies what senior year represents to me. Senior year is a time when I spend my last moments with my friends and the liturgical theme song helps reinforce the beautiful friendships and memories that I’ve made in a special community like Mitty.

The lyrics came to life when I went on Kairos, a special retreat for seniors where we get to discover God’s love through family, friends, and our community. Before ending the retreat, we all came together as one and sang the liturgical theme song. For me, singing together as a group really symbolized the love we have for each other that has helped us get through difficult times, including college applications and saying goodbye to the high school we all love so very much.

This year’s liturgical theme song really defines Mitty because the people at this school form a loving community that is determined to never let each other down. This uplifting song advocates love, community, and friendships. As Mitty students, we all desire to carry the Mitty experience outside to those who are marginalized and disadvantaged. Our liturgical theme song motivates and inspires us all to live up to our full potential under the love of God. The special moments when the Mitty community feels united through our liturgical theme song are part of a tradition that I will miss dearly when I finish my time at Mitty.