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K9 Visit for Robotics Team

Holy Family School’s Robotics team Panda-Monium team won the Robot Design Award and is invited to the NorCal Regional tournament.

Holy Family School’s Robotics teams are hard at work. Our school has three teams that compete in local competitions. The Pig Bang Theory, our fourth grade team, is just beginning to get into the groove. Our more experienced teams, the Combat Rats, and Panda-Monium are members of the 5 – 8 grade classes.

These teams work hard, but play hard too! What a treat it was for our Holy Family teams to get a visit and demonstration from the San Jose Police Department’s (SJPD) K9 team.

The Combat Rats developed an idea for the Animal Allies challenge project. Instead of using the more expensive K9 unit to sniff for explosives and narcotics at airports and high schools, the students propose to use Gambian Pouched Rats in their place. Sergeant David Anaya, who directs SJPD’s Special Ops explosive detection K9 unit, brought four officers and their K9s to show how each dog can find the target and show that it has made a positive scent ID. The officers explained how they train, work with, and handle their K9s. The Combat Rats had the opportunity to present their ratsniffing idea to the officers. It was an amazing experience.

Just as the week could not get any better for our Robotics teams, two of the three teams from Holy Family School entered the First Lego League (FLL) competition.

With the use of technology, our teams worked with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. The Combat Rats won the coveted Core Value Award at the FLL competition and proudly advance to the NorCal Regional tournament. The Panda-Monium team won the Robot Design Award and is invited to the NorCal Regional tournament as well.