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Thank You for Your Service


By Dr. Colette Marie O’Bannion
Assistant Principal, Holy Spirit School

“Thank you for your service.” As I heard over 500 little and not-so-little voices direct these few simple words to my father and the other stoic veterans in the auditorium, my eyes filled with tears. You see, I have always been very proud of my Vietnam Veteran father. He has always been a very proud veteran. To see this honor both reflected on his proud countenance and know that one sentence resonated through his soul, my roles as daughter and administrator merged into one.

The moment didn’t end there. It culminated with a young boy solemnly saluting my father and other students shaking his hand and thanking him for his service. How and why did this special moment take place? It did so because Holy Spirit School took the time to commemorate our veterans, the brave who have protected in the past and continue to protect today, every American citizen.

The cornerstone of our day was the Presentation of the Colors Assembly hosted by our Scouts. Seeing little and not-so-little ones alike in their scouting uniforms line the auditorium to pay homage to our flag and veterans began this special occasion. Commander Kevin Lavery, one of our brave Coast Guard Veteran fathers, then both informed and inspired our students to take action. What action would that be? A very simple one that my father taught me as a little girl. When you see a veteran say five very meaningful words, “Thank you for your service.” Veterans nationwide have earned this honor by the sacrifices they have made to put our needs before their own. Holy Spirit School is honored to have our young people take this action into their world.