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Saint Lucy School Bolt Bots Move on to Regional Competition


We are thrilled to announce that the Saint Lucy School Lego Robotics team, Bolts Bots 1.0, is one of 4 schools to advance to the regional level of First Lego League Competition. Saint Lucy School had three teams in this year’s First Lego League Competition. The Saint Lucy School teams are called Bolt Bots 1.0 (seventh and eighth graders) and Bolt Bots 2.0 (sixth graders) and Bolt Bots 3.0 (fifth graders).

The students learn about the fun and excitement of science and technology, while creating exciting missions to be completed by a robot that the children design, build and program themselves. Each year the competition has a different theme – this year’s theme is called “Animal Allies.” The focus of this year’s mission is to encourage the children to think of new, or improve existing solutions to human/animal interactions. The challenge is to identify a problem, design a solution and then share findings with people.

Bolt Bots 1.0 chose bats as their animal. The team wanted to show that animals can help people and people can help animals. The children designed a Bat House made from reclaimed wood that will provide a safe eco-friendly home for threatened bats. Bats help keep our mosquito population under control – which helps reduce the spread of the Zika virus.

Bolt Bots 2.0 chose snakes and why people fear them. The children designed a postcard with a QR (quick response) code and NFC (near field communication) sticker on it – these will bring the person to a website (created by the children) with more detailed, useful and positive information about snakes.

Bolt Bots 3.0 chose Sea Otters. These cute animals have been on the endangered species list in recent times and need to be left undisturbed by humans in order to survive and thrive. The children designed a decal for all sea equipment such as kayaks, surf/paddle boards and boats. The decal is a visual reminder to the public to admire the sea otters from afar. The decal reads “Don’t Bother The Otter.”