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Archbishop Mitty High School Celebrates Thanksgiving Liturgy


Archbishop Mitty High School students joined together last month to celebrate the Thanksgiving season with reflection, prayer and song.

In mid-November, students and staff stepped away from their normal academic schedules to celebrate the annual Thanksgiving Liturgy. Students participating in the opening procession for the schoolwide assembly set up a Thanksgiving table. In the center of the room, yellow candles glowed above a feast of squashes, persimmons, and bread.

This year, the guest speaker was Mulindwa Kirimbe, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo who recently moved to the United States and shared his journey with students. Mr. Kirimbe was born in the Congo, but fled with his brother and sister to Zambia after the war started.

“The life in the camp is not safe,” Mr. Kirimbe told students. “It is scary.”

Theresa Samuel-Boko, the director of refugee relocation for Catholic Charities in Santa Clara, also addressed the school community. Ms. Samuel-Boko is a former refugee from South Sudan. She now helps other refugees escape similar conditions. Over the past 30 years, Catholic Charities has helped more than 7,000 refugees resettle in the U.S., she said.

During the liturgy, students shared readings that focused on gratitude and faith. The assembly celebrated a spirit of gratefulness along with the importance of finding community in the faces of family and friends.